At home in the Wilderness

We have learned that every journey has its own master and that the energy surrounding it is accessible to those who make a commitment to swim with the current – and not against it. About twelve years ago we decided … Continue reading

Our Own North Star

Our feelings are an integral part of who we are. No feeling is bad or impure, even the uncomfortable ones, as long as we use the information to serve and support us. Our feelings exist for good reason and therefore … Continue reading

Patterns: Creating or Recreating?

Patterns and cycles exist in nature… and patterns can exist on different levels simultaneously. As human beings, we are creating patterns all the time. Whether it is building on an existing pattern that is within our family or whether we … Continue reading

This one is for you my dearest friend…

I lived in Asia for three years and during that time I was employed at the University of Technology in Malaysia. I also started a business. It was a time of growth and great shifting of mind and heart. The … Continue reading

Jennifer’s Story

There is a success story within each one of us. Jennifer was referred to me by a doctor who diagnosed her with depression. When she came to see me, she had difficulty sleeping and was despondent towards her family. She … Continue reading

Restless Feet


As a child, I yearned for distant lands and foreign places – even a different town. I was fascinated by the packing and unpacking of bags. I remember my mother always saying “The moles on your feet make you restless!” … Continue reading

Dean’s Story


There is a success story within each one of us. This is only one aspect of Dean’s story… Dean is a warm, kind-hearted idealistic man in his early fifties. He comes from a prominent family in his community. His parents … Continue reading

The Choices We Make Shapes Our Destiny


Imagine living in a world where there is no free will, no option to choose. The beauty of life lies in our ability to recognize that we have freedom of choice, that we have a hand in shaping our destiny. … Continue reading