At home in the Wilderness

We have learned that every journey has its own master and that the energy surrounding it is accessible to those who make a commitment to swim with the current – and not against it.

About twelve years ago we decided to leave the city to live a simple life. We let go of what we thought to be a false sense of comfort and pride. My daughters were ten and twelve years old at the time.

We bought a small piece of land bordering a nature reserve in Wilderness, a seaside village along the picturesque Garden Route. Little did we know that what we thought to be a small transition would actually have a big impact on our lives.

The months leading up to our move were very exciting but the last few weeks put an enormous strain on all of us. We had to find a buyer for our house, schools had to be changed, goodbyes had to be said and a positive mindset had to be maintained.

My husband resigned from his financially secured job at a corporate company. And we made the last few days as memorable as possible, filling them with love, laughter, family and friends. By the time we left, our house was sold and we were emotionally ready to start our new life.

To be continued…


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